Magnificent trendy indoor/outdoors residence

The lovely Casa Chico II, located in Bosques de las Lomas, in Mexico City, was designed by architects Parque Humano.

chico7 Magnificent contemporary indoor/outdoor residence

chico6 Magnificent contemporary indoor/outdoor residence

With a very open and ethereal format, the 4 hundred sqm residence is materialized by way of a concrete wall and slab encompassing the one story like an R, with frameless folding glass panels that merely and harmoniously rework the indoor dwelling areas into outdoors dwelling areas. A fluidly edged skylight reduce into the roof slab over the lounge contributes to this influence, as does the gorgeous and distinctive entrance room desk of pink stone, the sculptures, the indoor/outdoors library of rich darkish brown picket veneer opening within the course of charming landscaping and jacaranda timber.


Contemporary Lebanon residence displaying excellent outdoors choices

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