Barbecook PUUUR: Taking on Health(ier) Grilling

Barbecook PUUUR: Taking on Health(ier) Grilling forwardView The Photo Gallery

Ouch! Healthy and grilling in the identical sentence? Until now that has been an uncommon mixture of phrases. However scrumptious outside barbecues are, additionally they notoriously lack well being credentials.

Recently we have now seen new, more healthy, outside cooking choices flood the market: outside induction cooking, teppanyaki, planchas…all of them need to steer us away from good previous grilling.

It appears nevertheless that the great previous barbecue grill is beginning to struggle again!

I was on the worldwide outside truthful Spofa + Gafa in Germany final week. They had an enormous (mammoth) corridor devoted to outside barbecues and grills. Barbecook was showcasing PUUUR, their latest design.

I picked up on the PUUUR as a result of has three nice issues going for it.

First, its worth. It retails at underneath 500 Euros. And given the subsequent two factors and the standard of design, that could be very unusually low price ticket for a design type outside grill.

Second, its seems and really feel. PUUUR might be within the vein of the previous Eva Solo grills nevertheless it adopts that new, extra trendy, barely much less glossy and fewer chilly design. This design is rounder and softer to the touch. The colours are additionally extra “new-decade.”

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Last and better of all this new design goals to make grilling more healthy. The lid you see known as the “deflector.” The “lid” or reflector is designed to let smoke escape and supply a extra wholesome cooking expertise in addition to being a design function.

Unlike most “lids,” it truly solely covers a part of the grill. The concept is that it really works extra to deflect the smoke and assist it escape versus basic lids that seize and virtually seal the grill. In the model’s phrases: “It displays the glow of the charcoals, in order that dishes are cooked on the prime and grilled on the backside. The reflector thus gives some great benefits of a lid with none of the drawbacks. Instead of grilling in dangerous smoke gases, you’ll be able to take pleasure in tremendous wholesome dishes.”

It can be fascinating to see extra barbecues designed to be just a little bit more healthy. This is a superb begin! And sure, it nonetheless is sensible in mid-September to debate barbecues — autumn and winter barbecues are fabulous too!

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