Unique Landscape And Gorgeous Framed Views Shape The Chameleon House

The historic metropolis of Prague is arguably one in every of many important fairly in all of Europe, and its dreamy medieval attraction, cobbled streets, imposing cathedrals and scenic magnificence nonetheless attraction to vacationers from all via the planet. It is just turning into then that the Chameleon House situated on the outskirts of the Czech capital attracts the inspirations for its contours from the ground! Conjured up and delivered to life by Petr Hajek Architekti, the inimitable silhouette of the Chameleon House decisions six utterly completely totally different rooms dealing with six utterly completely totally different instructions, giving it the shape a lazy reptile that’s sunbathing on a chilly day!

Landscape outside defines the shape and orientation of the various wings of the Chameleon House Unique Landscape And Gorgeous Framed Views Shape The Chameleon House

While the extended hall that makes up the doorway is among the many many six arms of the home, the opposite T have been crafted to offer the right view of T utterly completely totally different timber that occupy the yard outdoors. The fashionable entrance room faces the apple tree, the satisfying important mattress room, the cherry tree, the spa-like rest room faces the peach tree, the client room, the silver spruce and the youngsters’s room, the walnut tree! Letting the inexperienced panorama and nature outline the general attraction and orientation of the home, the Chameleon Residence is certainly all regarding the outdoor.

Smooth concrete and beech plywood sort the interiors of the home whereas lumpy polyurethane foam coated in semi-gloss paint varieties the pores and pores and pores and skin of the home on the ground. Large glass residence house home windows are a defining trait of the home and let the on a regular basis altering sights and sounds outdoors flip into an integral a part of the inside.

Intriguing design of the Chameleon House provides windows into the world outside Unique Landscape And Gorgeous Framed Views Shape The Chameleon House

Closer look at one of the wings of the Chameleon House

Gorgeous Chameleon House responds to the conditions of the landscape

Enjoy the many changing sights and sounds outside throughout the year

Concrete and wood hallway leading into the living area


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Exposed concerte walls and wooden floor offer a sense of rustic charm

The extended hallway results in the central dwelling space that accommodates an aesthetic kitchen, consuming area and a household room with hearth. The youngsters’ bedrooms, foremost mattress room and the client room are separated from this central unit utilizing glass doorways and monitor-mounted curtains. With residence residence home windows displaying similar to the eyes of the Chameleon and offering an entry to the world all by way of it, this might be a residence that’s undoubtedly as adaptable as its inspiration!

Simple and minimal kitchen island covered in wood

Track-mounted curtains allow you to shift between privacy and unabated views

Stylish bath with a view of the scenic landscape outside

Large glass windows offer ample visually connectivity with the outdoors

Various rooms of the Chameleon House facing in different directions

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