Easy DIY Cut Paper Art Adds Abstract Brilliance To Your Home

We’re on a DIY work kick correct proper right here at Decoist! Have you been having gratifying with all the wonderful DIY duties we’ve been sharing with you? Kate correct proper right here, and I for one have been impressed by Thalita’s current duties, collectively collectively together with her Picasso-type portraits and her summary portray with gold foil endeavor. In that spirit, as we converse I thought I’d share a gift work enterprise I created for my entrance room.

Paper art with a gradient Easy DIY Cut Paper Art Adds Abstract Brilliance To Your Home

Paper work with a gradient

I love summary trendy work, notably when it showcases layers of shade in a gradient-like current. This easy DIY scale back paper work might probably be created in a few hours (or rather a lot a lot much less)! Read on for all the small print…

DIY Paper Art Supplies

Paper is the supply of choice Easy DIY Cut Paper Art Adds Abstract Brilliance To Your Home

Paper is the availability of selection

Obviously, paper is the availability of selection correct proper right here. Head to your native craft retailer and select vibrant paper in hues that seize your consideration. I’ve been really taken with reds and yellows these days, notably when juxtaposed with shades of beige. The distinction between vibrant and subdued creates a retro look!

Paper scraps can be used for this DIY art project

Paper scraps could also be utilized for this DIY work enterprise

Here’s what you’ll have to get began:

  • paper, together with full sheets and scraps
  • scissors and/or a paper cutter
  • an adhesive, akin to Mod Podge or a glue stick
  • a foam brush (non-compulsory)
  • a ruler (non-compulsory)

DIY paper art supplies

DIY paper work gives

While a paper cutter undoubtedly isn’t required, I discovered it to be terribly useful for this drawback. Since the look is clear-lined and minimalist, it really helps if the strains are scale back with ease. Yes, the paper cutter reduces frustration, together with the time interval required to finish the enterprise!


Paper Shakespearean garland of hearts made from paperPaper Inspired Aécor: Fun Ways for You and Your Kids To Decorate Your HomeA paper cutter comes in handy

A paper cutter is useful

Paper Art Project Steps

This drawback is giant easy, people! In a nutshell, listed under are the steps: 

  1. Cut
  2. Arrange
  3. Adhere

A paper art project in progress

A paper work enterprise in progress

If your work is perhaps framed, begin by chopping your background paper to suit your physique of selection. Now it’s time to create a design! Cut your paper into the required shapes, varieties and strips. Don’t be afraid to take some dangers!

Add a paper strip

Add a paper strip

Now have pleasurable arranging the paper in your background, trying out utterly completely totally different formations and mixtures till you’ll have a design that you simply simply’re happy with. Make modifications as wanted! For event, in my first design, I appreciated the mixture of yellow and tan. Yet the taupe background paper was so darkish, the design didn’t really stand out.

Cut paper makes easy DIY art

Cut paper makes easy DIY work

So I switched up the background to a lighter shade of beige (confirmed beneath). Next I added a white strip over the design as an embellishment. Then it was time to remain the design to the background paper! Which brings me to the subsequent step: When you’re glad with the design, glue it into place. Mod Podge might probably be utilized with a foam brush, or use a glue stick (made for repositioning) for a no-fuss method. A “repositionable”-selection glue stick (identical to the choice made by Elmer’s) lets you change up the design as wanted, which is true for any individual like me, who needs to seek out numerous prospects before anchoring the design to the web net web page!

Framed DIY paper art

Framed DIY paper work

Frame your work and current it collectively collectively together with your favourite accent devices and kit. Geometric objects, rocks and minerals are the acceptable parts for an artistic vignette starring your DIY creation!

Creative Variations

If it’s advisable to create a gradient impression, attempt gluing strips of paper to a background sheet. Once the adhesive is dry, you will reduce out the kind of your selection, and you have an instantaneous striped geo type!

Glue strips of paper to a background page, then cut the shape of your choice

Glue strips of paper to a background internet net web page, then reduce out the kind of your selection

I reduce out a triangle, then hooked up it to a vibrant pink piece of paper for a completed product that principally stands out!

Paper art with a gradient

Paper work with a gradient

Below we see the framed work, together with an air plant. What do you need to current collectively collectively together with your trendy work? Especially if it rests on a shelf or a tabletop, there are ample choices for creative presentation!

DIY red paper art with stripes

DIY purple paper work with stripes

You don’t need to get fancy with a plethora of stripes and geo varieties. Sometimes so much a lot much less is further. I started my third design by along with a purple rectangle to a vivid yellow piece of paper:

DIY red and yellow paper art in progress

DIY purple and yellow paper work in progress

Then I added purple paper in a barely lighter shade. Simple nevertheless pleasurable:

Easy red and yellow DIY geo art

Easy purple and yellow DIY geo work


Here’s a glimpse in the least three devices. Although not pictured, I’ve already made some modifications since ending the enterprise, together with eradicating the additional paper strip from the purple and yellow rectangular-themed work. That’s the beauty of a DIY enterprise. It can often evolve!

A view of three paper art projects

A view of three paper work duties

Thanks for turning right into a member of me for my newest enterprise! If you attempt crafting some paper work of your personal, inform us the easiest way it seems!

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