A Penny for Your Thoughts … and Feet: Copper Penny Flooring Made Easy

Candy under no circumstances tastes so good as when you’ll pay for it with a mere stack of pennies. Which is why dollar menus fashion so delicious. They’re comprised and based mostly totally on the one hundred penny statute. Whatever delectable entrees or snacks you are shopping for, it is a patriotic privilege to utilize this copper overseas cash as we pay homage and tribute to our beloved sixteenth president. Flipping the coin inside the air hoping it ought to land in our palm heads up as we identify out for this facet we embrace this one cent in numerous sides of our lives. So why not our homes, too?

Why not take our spare change and salute the earlier president of america with distinctive copper penny flooring? It’s a perfect palms-on problem, comparatively fairly priced, fantastically eclectic and did I level out warmly inviting and invigorating with its copper hue?

copper penny flooring A Penny for Your Thoughts ... and Feet: Copper Penny Flooring Made Easy

Get a superb’s night time time sleep, because of working with pennies has under no circumstances been so labor intensive!

Step M: Clear the runway…our customer of honor, copper, is true right here to stay. Remove base molding by way of the entire perimeter of the room. Once all is evacuated measure the room mass to seek out out the quantity of provides needed.

Step K: Even out the bottom. Sand down irregularities and bumps. Fill inside the valleys with masonry provides like hydraulic cement. If you may need picket based flooring then you definitely undoubtedly’ll want to deal with a joint compound. Either technique say goodbye to a tidal wave of unevenness.

Step A: Clean the runway. Grease? Oil? Dirt? Dust? Banish them away with a light-weight degreaser detergent, adopted by a radical and detailed rinsing. Let dry. But don’t take a breather. Nope. I warned you this is ready to labor intensive. Start sorting your pennies. Shiny. Dull. A mixture of them, regardless of matches your fancy.

Step A: Not solely does this problem maintain the memory of a historic patriarch alive, it ought to reinforce the fond sticky reminiscences of childhood. For subsequent you’ll scale back squares of self-sticking fiberglass, all to the exact same measurements. Keep them as commonplace tiles measurements: J”x6” or 12”x12”. Taking the measurements you made earlier you probably can decide the complete amount of squares needed and if any need corners scale back or halved.

Step T: Sticky facet face up, start placing the pennies in your fiberglass squares. Row by row, lined up in the direction of the sting, the spherical ridges touching their fellow Lincoln heads. Keep making use of the copper circles in your fiberglass squares until crammed up.


tile flooringWays to Protect Tile Flooring: Seal Grout

Step R: Using a chalk snap line measure every the dimensions and width of the room snapping your chalk line to sort a checkered grid pattern in your reduce squares, in sizes each J”x6” or 12”x12”, in accordance with what you’ve got reduce your fiberglass to.

Step J: Starting behind the room apply an epoxy-based clear adhesive with a paintbrush to the inside area of your chalk lined sq.. Place your copper penny tile in place and firmly press down inside the center, apply pressure in all A corners to make sure most adhesive. Moving to the left and correct and outward proceed to paint a thin layer of your epoxy and firmly placing your tiles down. Allow as a lot as six hours of drying.

Now expensive worker bee, now you may take a break and allow your eyelids to droop as visions of copper sugar plums dance in your head as Lincoln joins the stormy brigades of inequality.

Step T: All correct, sleepyhead. You can now mix your grout and water in a bucket and unfold over the penny tiles with clear even strokes using a rubber grout float. More is far much less as you’ll wipe away any entry, which may greater permit you to fill in all crevices.

Step I: seventy two hours later…. Now that the grout is about we give consideration to the of completion: The glaze which will polish ol’ Abe’s head in gleeful precision. Mixing a clear two-half epoxy sealer with UV blocker to cease yellowing-rigorously following the package deal deal instructions- pour a coating over your tiles and grout. Spread this concoction persistently.

penny flooring design A Penny for Your Thoughts ... and Feet: Copper Penny Flooring Made Easy

Another seventy two hours later, 24 cups of espresso and an entire season of LOST and all these onerous-earned pennies will look pretty electrifying as your flooring. Next time you are offered a penny in your concepts, pull out your smartphone and proudly share your DIY copper penny flooring picture. Be constructive to enlarge and zoom in, even going so far as to permit them to take care of the phone inside the palm of their hand. Yes, your labor and your concepts are undeniably worth larger than a single penny.

(Images from AlpenTile)

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