New idea of petlamps – MiCha Cat Lamps

MiCha lamp is a cat formed desk lamp. Actually, there are a number of designs of the lamp with cat positions which are so candy that you simply simply need all of them. And that might be a stretch since one MiCha Lamp prices M.four hundred euros. The designers, House of Micha, created these aluminium and metal beauties with halogen lighting in 4 variations: every cat lamp has one other stance – from sitting to strolling.

MiCha Cat Lamps 1  New concept of petlamps   MiCha Cat Lamps

MiCha Cat Lamps 2  New concept of petlamps   MiCha Cat Lamps

MiCha assis(sitting), MiCha en marche(strolling), MiCha dos rond(stretching his again) and Baby MiCha assis patapouf (Baby Micha sitting) are the 4 variations with lovely names which are ready for a brand new residence.  Black cats will not have a scary which means upon getting a MiCha cat in your house. These are the right petlamps. Kuntzel + Deygas created this comforting character for many who don’t need only a easy lamp, however an array of emotions and delightful designs to adorn their tables.


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