Mediterranean lodge design impressed by distinctive Santorini construction

Located in one of many essential unbelievable places on Earth, Santorini Island, the cradle of what has as quickly as been the great Minoic civilization, the Grace Santorini Hotel was designed by Greek Studio Divercity Architects, in collaboration with mplusm.

grace4 Mediterranean hotel design inspired by unique Santorini architecture

grace3 Mediterranean hotel design inspired by unique Santorini architecture

Built on a steep slope endowed astonishing view of the ocean, the developing is opulent and minimalistic, all the whereas paying tribute in type, monetary system of space and ease to the very distinctive vernacular construction, the yposkafa houses, low peak cubic homes whitewashed and inbuilt volcanic rock.

The volumes staggered on the slope are coated and surrounded with excellent and glamorous decks for sunbathing, rectangular and jagged, meandering swimming swimming swimming pools. While the facade moreover makes use of fragments of volcanic rock, positioned inside the house home windows to filter inside the delicate in mesmerizing mosaics, the interiors are accomplished all-white, immaculate, with brushed concrete flooring, ethereal delicate installations and delicate decorations, with the storage and self-esteem areas modeled in tasteful facet alcoves.

Like an immense spa resort scattered on the slope of a mystical place, the Grace Santorini preserves the mysticism and the purity of this dream trip spot, combining it with luxurious suppliers and flawless design.


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