Google Glass Architectural Design Help and Inspiration

Google Glass is the most recent actuality enhancement software that appears to be turning the world the wrong way up. Despite all of the privateness considerations, these 10,000 individuals who have been fortunate sufficient to have the ability to buy the $M,500 headwear are creating and discovering a number of gems that run the gamut from a heads-up show that feeds you details about the visible surroundings at which you wish to AR (Altered Reality) packages.

While an enhanced imaginative and prescient just like the Terminator and RoboCop are what we appear to anticipate, the actual outcomes can be far past to the place these fictional heads-up shows appear infantile. Maybe one thing extra just like the AR headgear Geordi La Forge was seen utilizing on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Inspiration is Everywhere!

An architect can get inspiration simply by strolling down the road in an enormous metropolis and feast his or her eyes on the plethora of types current. Even graffiti and wall work can encourage the artistic processes.

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by way of – Augmented Reality

Imagine strolling down the road and with the ability to inform the peak, quantity of buildings and even angular distances between architectural options. Just think about seeing the hidden neighborhood facilities pop up in your Google Glass. After all, if you will be designing a brand new constructing or perhaps a rework, it would be best to get a way of the world during which your creation will sit.

Here are some detailed views.




Glass Bathroom Inspiration by GSG Ceramic Design, Transparently Alluring

An Interface between Architects and Clients

Let’s say you’re an architect and have been commissioned to work over a constructing that has an atrocious exterior wall portray. One of your concepts is to design one other mural however the buyer needs to see it earlier than the approval. Just go to the location together with your Google Glass and movie the constructing. Use an AR app and put your personal paintings on the image.

Before too lengthy, it is best to be capable of stroll the shopper down the road with each of you sporting Google Glass and gaze on the constructing. By your command your paintings will seem on each the glasses and the client can approve; you saved loads of time and expense in case your buyer doesn’t prefer it.


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Hands-Free Augmented Reality

AR apps are already out there for smartphones that may plot constructing navigation paths that will help you redesign workplace layouts. Soon they need to be obtainable for Google Glass. This could also be the way forward for redesigning workplaces and even developments. Just stroll round with Google Glass  and immerse your self and others within the structure! You might see a greater format and even dictate notes on what you envision.


Do it’s a must to design a bridge and want to get some previous-time inspiration? Today, you’ll be able to put in your Google Glass and see details about a bridge, say the Brooklyn Bridge!

by way of Google

Tomorrow, it is possible for you to to take measurements, analyze angles and curves, and even overlay your personal modifications and concepts for comparability. How about envisioning the Brooklyn Bridge in gold?

Building design can profit from Altered Reality when coupled with Google Glass.  Internal buildings and architectural particulars could be overlaid proper on the constructing.


by way of Bentley Colleague Blogs


Blueprints may even be introduced over the constructing views for reference and consulting with the builders.



Enhancing Utility Services

Utility design, whereas not as glamorous as highrise skyscrapers, is important to offer creature comforts reminiscent of water, fuel and electrical.  AR with Google Glass can permit design engineers to “look” beneath the road. The Bentley Colleague Blogs present such a illustration as to what the designer would see via the Glass.





Nicholas Jackson was one in every of many who tried to speak Google into giving him an opportunity to buy Glass. Nicholas stated he “would develop a method for development staff to work together by way of Glass with 3D Building info fashions (BIM). They wouldn’t need to set down their instruments to reference paper drawings or hand-held BIM enabled units and their actual location can be referenced to the situation within the drawing.”

Nicholas Jackson-01

The simulation he submitted above exhibits the plans (prime) and the precise (backside) facility.

So, as a lot as Google Glass might advance structure and design, it has additionally been famous that the Glass wants some design enchancment. More titanium and a greater case is required so it doesn’t go to the canine.

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